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Coast city to ask lawmakers for restaurant tax

PASCAGOULA — The city of Pascagoula will ask lawmakers for a 2 percent restaurant tax to support local recreation programs, including the building of a new community center.

If approved by the Legislature, local residents would then vote on the tax. It would take a 60 percent majority for the tax to pass.

Councilman Joe Abston says it would be a good opportunity for those nonresidents who use the city’s services during the day to pay the city back for those services.

The proposed tax has been discussed for several years. The issue was submitted to lawmakers in 2011 but did not pass.

Officials say having a recently approved Parks and Recreation Master Plan in place will give the request more leverage when the tax proposal heads to legislators.

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  1. Let me see if I understand this. The city more than likely relies on the programs to help attract persons not living within the city limits to visit and contribute to the economy from the sales tax on purchases they make from various retail establishments.
    But now they want to invite me to visit and make me pay an extra 2 percent on any meals I might eat in one of the restaurants.
    Thanks but no thanks. I’ll remember to eat elsewhere when in the area if the pass this action.

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