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Delta city officials ask lawmakers again for lodging tax

GREENWOOD — Officials have asked the Legislature to approve a 2-cent increase in the local lodging tax so the city of Greenwood can renovated a local warehouse into a convention center.

It will be third time the city has asked for the increase. The Greenwood Commonwealth reports both previous times the request for a lodging tax increase to fund renovation of the building was sent to the Legislature, the measure was passed by the Senate but defeated in the House.

The city bought the former warehouse, known as the Russell Building, in December 2010.

The proposed renovations have been a centerpiece of McAdams’ downtown revitalization plans. She has said turning the building into a convention center would be a big boost to that part of town.

“The hotel owners have been supportive of it,” McAdams said. “They know we really don’t have another building downtown that could be renovated for this purpose. That building has a lot of life left in it. But it definitely needs a lot of repairs.”

If the proposal passes the Legislature, McAdams says it would be placed before voters in June’s general election.

The 2 percent lodging tax increase would expire after five years.

The city currently levies a 1 percent tax on hotels and motels and restaurants, according to the Mississippi Department of Revenue.

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