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(VIDEO) Gov. Phil Bryant remarks on healthcare exchange

Gov. Phil Bryant comments on the upcoming healthcare exchange and responds to state insurance commissioner Mike Chaney’s earlier comments about its implementation in Mississippi.

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  1. And nowhere did he address the fact that his state has the most need for healthcare of any state. High teen pregnancy rate, low infant birth rate, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity and all the complications concurrent with those diseases. Does he not grasp the economic impact on the state that accompanies the lack of healthcare for residents .Time lost from work, people who have to go on disability because they were not treated for an illness before they were too ill to continue working,children dying for lack of care, pregnant teenagers having to go on welfare and drop out of school because of lack of options, and I could go on and on. This cost more on the back side than providing healthcare on the front end ever could , not to mention the moral, humane reasons for doing so.

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