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State severs some unemployment compensation after jobless rate dips

A sustained drop in Mississippi’s jobless rate has led the state to cut off emergency unemployment compensation to some unemployed workers who had previously qualified for the benefits.

The reason: Mississippi’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate has fallen below the 9 percent level for a three-month period, triggering off Tier 4 Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) benefits.

Triggers for each tier of EUC benefits are pre-determined by the legislation that established the program.

Emergency Unemployment Compensation is provided in four tiers as a claimant exhausts his regular compensation benefits. Tier 1 is available in all states to claimants who exhaust their regular unemployment benefits. Eligibility for the other tiers is based on a state’s 3-month Total Unemployment Rate (TUR).

Tier 2 triggers on when a state’s 3-month TUR is at least 6 percent.

Tier 3 triggers on when a state’s 3-month TUR is at least 7 percent.

Tier 4 triggers on when a state’s 3-monht TUR is at least 9 percent.

Anytime a state’s 3-month TUR falls below one of the thresholds, that tier triggers off as is the case for Tier 4 for Mississippi.

As a result of the change, claimants who did not establish Tier 4 eligibility on or before Jan. 13 will no longer establish Tier 4 eligibility. Claimants already eligible for Tier 4 EUC on or before Jan. 13 will receive the balance of their Tier 4 benefits.



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  1. Ted Carter, Re: your article from Jan. 22, 2013, “State Severs Some Unemployment Compensation After Jobless Rate Dips”…Could I please ask where you got your information from? The reason I ask is because I have been drawing unemployment benefits from Oct. 2011 through Feb. 2013 & had gotten all the way through my Tier 3 benefits. MDES sent me a statement that I have exhausted all my benefits. Your article states (in the last paragraph) that if a claimant was eligible for benefits as of Jan. 13, 2013 they would continue to receive their Tier 4 benefits. I was obviously eligible as of that date since I was currently receiving benefits at that time, yet was told by MDES that I had exhausted all my benefits & that Congress had not approved a Tier 4. I’m trying to determine if I should appeal/fight MDES on this matter and would need to know where you got this information from. Thank you!

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