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Superintendents association backs HB 890 legislation

MCP 3The Mississippi Association of School Superintendents has issued the following statement regarding reading and math standards legislation being debated at the State Capitol in Jackson:

“The Mississippi Association of School Superintendents recognizes that Gov. Bryant has a sincere interest in improving the reading and math skills of the students in public education in Mississippi. Through his Education Works program as described in House Bill 890, the Governor has created a focus on the reading and math program of every school in the state and has created standards that will in time improve the dropout rate and graduation rate for our students.”

“We also applaud his efforts through this bill to attract the brightest and best students into the teaching profession. House Bill 890 is a bold step in offering scholarships to the top high school graduates who choose to major in education.”

“Our association supports the Governor’s effort as provided in HB 890 and look forward to working with him in implementing a quality reading and math experience for every student we serve. We are pleased to endorse the Governor’s efforts to improve public education in our State through his Education Works program.”


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