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What should Gov. Bryant talk about in State of State address?

As he begins his second year in office, Gov. Phil Bryant will talk directly to lawmakers at the State Capitol and to the Mississippi people via broadcast in his annual State of the State address tomorrow evening.

Gov. Phil Bryant

Gov. Phil Bryant

We’ve polled our readers and asked them which of four topics they most wanted to hear the governor address.

So far, just over a third of our voters (34%) believe that job creation is the most important thing Gov. Bryant should discuss in his speech. Since his inauguration, Gov. Bryant has said countless times that healthcare and energy are two of most important industry sectors that Mississippi needs to prepare its workforce for.

One third of our readers (31%) believe Gov. Bryant should share his thoughts on recently inaugurated President Barack Obama. The Bryant administration has said it won’t enforce any White House national policy that it believes is “unconstitutional” and Gov. Bryant has opposed a state health insurance exchange program that he says is connected to the Obama-backed Affordable Care Act.

Of the remaining responding poll voters, 21% believe that Gov. Bryant should address the economy. While a recent IHL forecast predicts job growth for this year in Mississippi, growth will be slow and reportedly won’t return to pre-recession numbers until 2018. Housing starts and permits rose last year but the construction industry isn’t expected to to turn a corner until next year. The probability of recession remains at about 20%.

Gun control should be addressed by Gov. Bryant according to 10% of our voters while 4% say he should address Mississippi’s role in the abortion debate. Gov. Bryant has said his administration will support the Second Amendment and he endorsed last year’s controversial “personhood” measure and increased regulation of the state’s only abortion clinic.

Gov. Bryant’s second State of the State is Tuesday. What should be the most important topic in his speech?

  • Jobs (34%)
  • Barack Obama (31%)
  • Economy (21%)
  • Gun Control (10%)
  • Abortion (4%)

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  1. concerned citizen

    He should discuss how his denial of Medicaid extension is good for the citizens of Mississippi and explain the percentage mississippians that would have been covered by the Medicaid extension. He should explain the math, i.e., the dollar amount of money it would cost Mississippi to participate in Medicaid extension vs. the amount of federal funds Mississippi would receive in return vs. the money that we currently spend on Medicaid. He should explain how his denial of Medicaid extension is better for Mississippi business involved in the medical profession : hospitals, doctors, medical equipment, etc. He should justify his acceptance of the fact that folks that can’t afford medical coverage can just go to the ER, run up exhorbant bills that never get paid and then get passed on to the backs of all other Mississippi medical consumers who pay for health insurance, who pay for hospital visits, etc.–he should explain why this scenario is more acceptable than medicaid extension, which would help to ensure that those ER visits get paid.

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