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Agency issues warning but does not close Coast beaches

HANCOCK COUNTY — The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ), through its Beach Monitoring Program, issued water contact advisories for three beach sampling stations in Hancock County.

These segments of beach are not closed; however, there may be an increased risk of illness associated with swimming in those areas.

MDEQ is working closely with local officials to advise residents that the water in the following locations may have high bacteria levels:
● Station 1 (Lakeshore — from the Sliver Slipper Casino east to the jetty west of Poinset Avenue)

● Station 2 (Buccaneer State Park Beach near State Park Road in Waveland from 100 yards west of the sign eastward to 100 yards east of the sign)

● Station 4 (Bay St. Louis Beach near St. Charles Street in Bay St. Louis from the box culvert east to Ballantine Street)

When water samples show that levels are safe for human contact, the advisories will be lifted.

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