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Amaze friends with fun facts about Mississippi

book-300x200You would not want to get into an argument or game about Mississippi trivia with D.K. White. The Jackson writer and collector of trivial facts would surely win. His lifelong hobby of researching and collecting obscure facts was published last October in a slim 96-page volume with a name almost longer than the book. For brevity, let’s just call it “501 Little-Known Facts.” It’s one of those interesting books that will fascinate readers, and just think how you can amaze and impress your friends with all this new-found knowledge!

The book is divided into 15 enticing chapters, including the categories of celebrity and entertainment; disasters; sports; literature and journalism; the Civil War; business and commerce; agriculture; what’s in a name?; native Mississippians; the river; the Coast; South Mississippi; Central Mississippi; North Mississippi; and miscellany and minutia. That should just about cover anything anyone wants to know about Mississippi.

In an interview with the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, White said, “This is kind of what I do on the Internet to kill time: I look for things I don’t know. I decided to start writing them down. I got about a hundred of them and started thinking about a book.”

501 book_rgbAlthough the book is heralded as a great gift book, White calls it a bathroom reader. “You can pick it up and put it down,” he told Morris. “It’s history. It’s not going to change.”

White, 56, is a fifth-generation Mississippian. He was reared in Gulfport and has also lived in Natchez and Hattiesburg. He enjoys reading, especially about the Civil War, Native America and 19th Century histories about the South. He also enjoys researching odd historical facts and winning trivial arguments.

His writing career was kick started when he was down sized after 30 years working in banking. He has a work of humorous fiction, Allergic to Work, scheduled for release in late summer.

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