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Anti-Lane Linger Enforcement: A law we could learn to love here

Georgia is considering a law we can only hope speedily finds its way from Atlanta’s Gold Dome, west on Interstate-20 through Alabama and on to Mississippi’s Capitol in Jackson.

Call it the “Get Out of the Way” law drafted in a state where left lane slow-pokes are typically advised to “either run with the big dogs or get back on the porch.”

Atlanta’s Journal-Constitution detailed the proposal in today’s edition:

Drivers who linger in the left lane on interstates in Georgia had best put on their blinker: A bill making it illegal to clog the passing lane is on the move in the House.

House Bill 459, sponsored by Rep. Bill Hitchens, R-Rincon, was approved by a subcommittee Thursday.

The bill would make it a misdemeanor to drive in the left lane if another car approaches from behind going faster. Hitchens, a former head of the state Department of Public Safety, said the bill is designed to promote “lane discipline” and educate drivers about the need to, well, get out of the way.

Hitchens said word of his bill has “gone viral” and created great interest from motorists who deal with these kinds of drivers every day.

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