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Baptist chooses IDS solution to cut billing, revenue cycle

JACKSON — Medical Practice Solutions (MPS), a division of Mississippi Baptist Health Systems Inc., has selected technology from Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based IDS to expedite billing and tighten the healthcare system’s revenue cycle.

AbbaDox Charge Capture gives physicians the ability to record and immediately submit patient care charge details directly to billing departments, according to a release from IDS. In addition to shortening the submission time of revenue generating data, it eliminates the gaps and potential breakdowns that may occur in the documenting and transferring of this critical information.

“It’s an elegant solution that required no major change of behavior or capital investment, yet the return from a financial standpoint is substantial,” said president of the Baptist Health Systems Medical Group division Elizabeth Mullins. “Administrators were pleased with the implementation, noting the fact that it was a surprisingly short and virtually painless process. From beginning to end, even with the highly customized workflows, the AbbaDox Charge Capture roll-out lasted just a few weeks.”

The cloud application operates as an overlay to the existing health information management (HIM) system, but is seamlessly integrated into the hospital’s physician portal. It also provides reporting capabilities, giving administrators the ability to see, down to the second, when charges are submitted, as well as any missed charges and by whom. Current workload reports reveal productivity rates and allow administrators to identify problems and analyze trends.

Nurses and department managers also benefit from the application with features designed specifically for their needs, such as the ability to assign and adjust a physician’s patient list and the ability to filter the complete hospital census by doctor, department or floor.

About a dozen physicians participated in the initial roll-out with more scheduled to come online in the coming months.

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