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Best Buy to price match all local retailers, most online sellers

You know the routine: Go to Best Buy and check out the electronic device, try it out, return it to the shelf and thank the salesperson for her time. By that night, you’re clicking on Amazon.com and buying the exact same product, confident it’s exactly what you want, thanks to Best Buy.

best-buy-storeBest Buy — which has stores in Jackson, Flowood and Madison — calls that sort of shopping “showrooming” and it’s killing the electronics retailer’s revenue picture.

As a counter, Best Buy starting on March 3 will price match all local retail competitors, along with 19 “major online competitors” in all product categories, whenever a customer asks for it, the company announced.

“There is no doubt that this new policy ends showrooming for Best Buy customers,” company spokesman Matt Furman told Bloomberg.

Back during the holiday rush, Best Buy announced a temporary price-matching initiative. This is its permanent version, Yahoo! Finance reports.

Showrooming, the practice of looking at items in a physical store then going online to make the actual purchase, has been a big worry for consumer electronics stores. Customers showroom electronics items more than any other category, data from comSore shows.

Yahoo! Finance reports that Chris Morran at the Consumerist obtained an internal document from Best Buy that announces the change and has more details. Here’s what it says:

Starting March 3, 2013 Best Buy will price match the current pre-tax price for new, identical, immediately available products from local retail competitors and select designated major online retailers at the time of purchase only. (No subsequent price matching of competitors is allowed)

If Best Buy lowers a price on a product (online or in-store) we will allow price-matching up to 15 days following the original purchase. This applies to all customers including Reward Zone Premier Silver members. Please note: After a transition period for Reward Zone Premier Silver members through April 18, 2013, the 15 day period of the Price Match policy goes into effect (post-purchase – Best Buy only).




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