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Madison entrepreneurs jump into "Shark Tank"

Muddy Water Camo founder Steve Maloney and outdoor photographer Stephen Kirkpatrick will be featured on this week’s episode of ABC’s hit reality game show “Shark Tank.”

The episode airs Friday at 8:00 p.m. on ABC and will pit the two Mississippi entrepreneurs against a panel of billionaire investors that will judge their pitches and decide whether or not to invest in their company.

Maloney grew up in the world of business as the son of electronics retailer Con Maloney and practiced law before founding Capitol Liquidators in 1997.

Kirkpatrick has published more than 3,000 photographs in books and magazines worldwide and has battled bears, alligators and piranhas in the process. His work has been featured in eleven books as well as Delta Airlines’ Sky magazine, Skin Diver, Audubon, Gray’s Sporting Journal, Natural History, Ducks Unlimited, Outdoor Photographer, BBC Wildlife, National Wildlife, and Sports Afield.

“I am more of a sprinter in business,” Maloney told MBJ in an article last year. “I realize that it is important for me to partner with someone who can complement my strengths to be a great operator.”

An avid duck hunter, Maloney partnered with Kirkpatrick in 2007 to create a revolutionary line of photographic camouflage based on real outdoor photography. The Muddy Water clothing line is already distributing through over 50 retailers in 15 states.

“I realized that every available camouflage pattern seemed to be designed for hunting deer in the woods. None of those patterns looked like the marshes and flooded fields where I was hunting ducks,” Maloney said.

Here’s a list of other entrepreneurs that have starred on “Shark Tank” and updates on where they have taken their companies since.

Find out more about Muddy Water Camo in the short video below.


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