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Weather Channel apologizes for Hattiesburg name goof

hattiesburg goofEventually, The Weather Channel will learn its Mississippi geography. The weather network has apologized for referring to Hattiesburg as Johannesburg, MS, in its post-tornado coverage Monday.

During Hurricane Issac, the network upset many when it referred to Mississippi as the “Land Mass between New Orleans and Mobile,” prompting a Facebook page by that name.

The Weather Channel apology said: “Thank you for posting this. We apologize for the mistake — we noticed it and corrected it for the rest of our coverage.”

For more details, check the story in the Mississippi Press.



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  1. Friend of Mississippi

    They should also note that Hattiesburg is NOT in Alabama…which is another mistake I believe they made.

  2. Thank you for the apology. We do appreciate the coverage you gave it. Maybe you can visit us in GOOD weather to see what a great state we are! Thanks

  3. TWC was speaking of heavy rains and referred to Vicksburg, AL.
    Of course, they’re probably doing the same in Northern communities, and we’re just not familiar enough ourselves to notice 🙂 Yes, A. Hamill, in spite of all the geographical errors, we do appreciate the coverage.

  4. yes you are great,,the poor state in the usa

  5. From the land mass

    Oh Vincent…your comment stung us all oh so much.

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