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C Spire releases first 4G LTE mobile hotspot

CSpire-4G-LTE-Mobile-Hotspot image

The C Spire 4G LTE mobile hotspot.

C Spire Wireless has added a fifth device to its 4G arsenal of gadgets with the launch of the company’s first branded mobile hotspot.

The Ridgeland telecom announced today the debut of the 4G LTE mobile hotspot saying it will offer data speeds up to 10 times faster than what is currently available on the market.

This will give C Spire customers faster Web, email and app access on their smartphones, computers, tablets and other connected devices.

The compact, three-ounce device works on any Wi-Fi enabled product and includes a wireless modem designed to provide 4G LTE connections for up to 10 devices at a time. It also has a LCD color display that checks signal strength and battery life.

The iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S III, Motorola PHOTON Q and Franklin Wireless smart modem all work on C Spire’s next-generation 4G network.

The C Spire mobile hotspot is only $30 with a new two-year data service agreement and is available at all C Spire retail stores.



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