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City, new casino get off to bumpy start over signage

NATCHEZ — The president of a casino in Natchez said he plans to meet with Mayor Butch Brown about banners advertising the casino.

The Natchez Democrat reports the city took down banners directing customers to the Magnolia Bluffs Casino at the bottom of Roth Hill in Natchez last Friday. But the casino soon replaced them.

Natchez officials said the casino did not have a permit for the signs, which violate size restrictions.

Casino president Kevin Preston said the signs were needed because potential customers did not know how to get to the casino, which opened in December.

“In respect to the business, we need to leave the signs up until we can come up with a plan,” Preston said. “We are trying to do the right thing.”

Brown said he decided against immediately removing the replaced banners over the weekend. However, he said the casino will likely face a fine and that the ordinances have to be enforced.

“If they are willing to pay the fines that will be imposed, I think we can live another day with the sign up,” Brown said. “You get a ticket for speeding, you get a ticket for driving around a stopped school bus, you get a citation for all sorts of violations, and those violations are covered by laws and ordinances that are in place. It doesn’t allow for a selective use of those ordinances, they belong and apply to everyone, and as the chief executive officer of the City of Natchez, I will enforce the laws and ordinances of the city.”

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