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Learning can be fun at EXPO

Learning new things is fun! That’s the significant message about educational seminars available at the EXPO. These breakout sessions are offered at the Trademart site by trainers from the Eagle Ridge Conference Center of Hinds Community College.

Even the names of the six sessions sound like fun. They include:

» Get Your Hop On – exceptional customer service skills for any business.

» Computin’ Southern Style – the laid back way to learn shortcuts and more.

» Mind Your Peas & Carrots – dining etiquette for the business world.

» Tech Toys – new, amazing technology that can make your life easier.

» At the Sound of the Tone, Don’t Forget Your Manners – telephone etiquette.

» Crossing the Digital Divide – technology training for all generations.

“We use these titles because we think that if the titles of the sessions are catchy then we may appeal to a broader base of participants,” said Gay Saxon, director of training at Eagle Ridge Conference Center.

“We also hope it reflects the fun, relaxed

atmosphere we like to create in our training sessions.”

Saxon says she tells people that she gets paid to have fun, believing that philosophy will help others relax and have fun.

“If it’s fun and you can apply something you learn to improve your performance, then we have accomplished our goal,” she added.

Each session lasts 45 minutes. “That allows participants to come in, get a good seat up front and buckle up for a fabulous ride with our great training team,” Saxon said.

In addition to Saxon, other seminar facilitators are from the Hinds Community College faculty.

“We have a combined 75-plus years training experience and look forward to the EXPO opportunities every year,” she said.

She shared some of the positive feedback from participants of past EXPO seminars. They include: “I really enjoyed the session with the Hinds trainers…wish they would last longer.” “The absolute best session I have attended.” “I want to coordinate sessions at my office with these gals. They are the best.” “Finest 45 minutes I have had in a long time.”

Saxon is optimistic about the upcoming training sessions.

“We are looking forward to filling the room this year,” she said. “We will be prepared for a standing-room-only crowd!” she said.

At Eagle Ridge Conference Center’s Raymond location a full range of professional and work force development training courses are offered. The campus offers accommodations in a serene lake setting and is home to a small business development center and an international trade center.

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