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MBJ-TV talks with anti-abortion activist Terri Herring

AP has a story out on Gov. Bryant’s new appointee to the state board of health.

AP- Gov. Phil Bryant says he wants senators to confirm his nomination of anti-abortion activist Terri Herring to the state Board of Health, but a top lawmaker said it’s unclear whether Herring will receive enough support…

Herring, 54, of Ridgeland, has lobbied for stricter abortion laws in Mississippi since the mid-1980s. As head of Pro Life America Network, she is pushing this year for a bill that would put new restrictions on abortion-inducing drugs…

Senate Public Health Committee Chairman Dean Kirby, R-Pearl, said in a separate interview that Herring’s nomination is likely to come up for a vote in a subcommittee early next week. Kirby said he can’t predict whether the nomination will survive there, in the full committee or in the full Senate. Ultimately, confirmation would require a simple majority in the 52-member Senate.

MBJ-TV talks with Herring on the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

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