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Pediatricians supporting the expansion of Medicaid

JACKSON — The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the largest professional organization of pediatricians in the United States and in Mississippi, favors Medicaid expansion.

AAP announced its position in a news release.

In part, the release said: “Pediatricians in the state of Mississippi, a predominately conservative group with conservative values, were recently surveyed about Medicaid expansion in Mississippi. The results: A common opinion that people who understand all the issues are expressing more and more — Mississippi should accept Medicaid expansion.

“Our state’s hospitals will suffer without the expansion, and good jobs will be lost. The state needs to accept expansion because the health care system for our kids and their parents will suffer without Medicaid expansion.

“Mississippi lawmakers should listen to the doctors who care for their kids. Accept Medicaid expansion in order to achieve a healthier Mississippi.”

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  1. Surprise, surprise. Doctors, clinics, hospitals and basically anyone deriiving income from government paid medical services support expanding it.

    Person just above the poverty level support benefits given to those earnning 138% of the level.

    I suppose all of us would like to have more income, even if it came from government but then some day, someone will have to begin paying for it.

    I’m guessing these ‘conservatives’ may be ‘socai’ not ‘fiscal’ conservatives.

  2. Daniel-Mississippi

    Medicaid expansion makes sense from both a public health standpoint and an economic standpoint. It is shortsighted to believe otherwise.

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