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Charter school bill passes House, heads to Senate

JACKSON — Charter schools have cleared their most difficult remaining legislative hurdle in Mississippi.

House members voted 62-56 today with no debate to approve a House-Senate agreement on House Bill 369.

Charter schools — public schools that agree to meet certain standards in exchange for less regulation — would have to be nonprofit entities. So would management companies.

Yesterday, senators agreed to the exact bill the House passed in January. The Senate must still approve it and send it to Gov. Phil Bryant.

Boards in districts graded A, B and C would get vetoes over charter schools in their boundaries. Mississippi grades districts on an A-F scale. Students wouldn’t be allowed to cross district lines to attend a charter school in another district. That bar could impede charter schools in small districts.

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  1. Help me understand this Charter School deal….does this mean once passed, I would be able to live anywhere in the county and send my kids to school where I want? Right now, I’m renting a house to live in the school district my kids attend, while still paying on a house we can’t live in outside said school district.

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