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Chicago family suing local gun shop owner following murder

BYHALIA — The family of an off-duty Chicago police officer who was shot and killed three years ago by gang members is filing a lawsuit against the Mississippi gun dealer where the weapon was purchased.

The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence announced the lawsuit filed by the family of Thomas Wortham IV in a news release. Wortham had just returned from Iraq after serving in the National Guard when he was shot outside his family home by men trying to steal his motorcycle.

The lawsuit alleges Ed’s Pawn Shop and Salvage Yard in Byhalia was negligent in selling the weapon to a man they knew or should have known was conspiring with a gun trafficker.

The owner of the shop did not immediately return a call for comment.

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  1. does this mean I can sue GM for a drunk driver killing someone in a traffic accident?

  2. Great comment Eli! Does that mean that I can sue the “muslim brotherhood” for the Boston bombing?

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