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Do ya Doonya? Bollywood exercise comes home to Mississippi

Doonya, a Bollywood-dance inspired fitness & media company, is promoting a new video series that brings Old World dance with New World exercise.

Laurel native and co-owner Kajal Desai talked with MBJ-TV earlier this week about the physical benefits of the workout and how it is sweeping larger markets in Washington D.C. and Los Angeles.

Desai says Doonya (which means “world”) is about making fitness a fun, happy, positive experience. The dances are based on culture and religious ceremonial performances that Desai learned as a child. Some workouts can burn as much as 500 calories in one hour and Doonya keeps the DVDs at an affordable price point ($25, three-DVD set).

Desai will be offering a special introductory Doonya class tonight at Brickhouse Cardio in Flowood from 7-8 PM. An additional class is also scheduled for April 16 at Curves in Ellisville.

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