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Jackson racing organizer says security is lax at smaller racing events

Caleb Hammons with the website MS Race Timing.com said he ran the Boston Marathon last year for the first time and had planned to run it this year but got sick.

“The noise is so loud at the finish line that you can’t hear anything,” Hammons said describing last year’s event. He said runners are usually exhausted and disoriented at the finish after running so far for so long. Barricades keep the thousands of spectators cordoned off and security is very tight, as it is at the Chicago Marathon, New Orleans Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon and similar-sized races.

A runner and race organizer for charity 5K events like the Mal’s St. Paddy’s Day race and the Batson Children’s Hospital Jingle Bell Jog, Hammons says he can’t imagine who would bomb a racing event or what motive they might have.

Hammons said security at smaller races in Mississippi is virtually non-existent and at larger races the main issues are watching out for drunk drivers or anyone who would cause a problem for the runners or the crews setting up the race in the early morning hours.

Hammons said he is usually one of the officials that’s at the finish line timing the event.

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