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Keeping Our Eye On Theo Davis



Age: 26

Service Coordinator

Jackson Housing Authority

Jackson native Theo J. Davis says the need for good housing is axiomatic. “Shelter is a basic necessity of life,” he says. “You can never go wrong with servicing physiological needs.”

As a service coordinator for Jackson Housing Authority, Davis works on everything from supervising tenants to assisting with quality of life measures. He was recently nominated Service Coordinator of the Year by the Mississippi Association of Housing & Redevelopment Officials.

In addition to earning a psychology degree from Mississippi State University, Davis is currently pursuing a MA in biblical studies from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary with an emphasis on Bible languages.

Davis is also owner of Agapao Properties and hopes to expand his entrepreneurship vision and portfolio by one day owning multi-housing properties throughout the Greater Jackson area.

“Have a viable vision and stick to it,” he tells fellow young professionals. “Find your niche and endeavor towards it with unmitigated toil. Your niche will be your fuel and if properly maintained, it will eventually propel you into many other unbelievable and desirable arenas.”

In addition to volunteering for numerous Jackson nonprofits, Davis enjoys basketball, reading theology, fishing, running and visiting Hobby Lobby with his wife, Jessica.

Mentors: Ryan Sullivan, Jeff Barber, John Ward and John MacArthur

Favorite thing about Mississippi: “We rank among the top in the nation in charitable giving. This demonstrates that although the stigmas may brand our culture, our people believe in one of the most important things in life: to invest in one another.”

Favorite hangout spots: Grace Bible Church in Ridgeland and Grace Community Church in Jackson

Best Mississippi event: ”My wedding day on Jan. 26, 2013 at First Baptist Church of Longview”

First job ever: “Pizza Hut. I was the fastest pizza slinger and cutter in town.”

Favorite TV Show: Property Brothers

Favorite Movie: Courageous

Favorite Music: Steven Curtis Chapman

Favorite Mississippi food or restaurant: Chick-fil-A and Salsa’s in Clinton

Twitter handle: @theojdavis


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  1. Judye Bates Miles

    Wow, Mild Mannered Man of God, & Super Hero of the Housing Authority!!
    Seriously, Theo, this is a wonderful write up!!. Your words of praise for our beloved Mississippi meant a great deal to me. Do you suppose our Giving is connected to the fact that more Mississippians read their Bibles than any other state in the Union? Of course.
    I’ve taken a short Facebook break, & “just happened” to look this morning while not sleeping, & I’m so glad I did! Congratulations!
    May God’s Blessings abound as you serve Him,

    P.S. Do be Very careful with Hobby Lobby. I asked John to please pick up a Calligraphy pen last week & he, by himself, spent $42!!!!

  2. Outstanding job Theo.

    Keep up the good work!

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