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Little Rock inventor tackles cyber-physical fiction

Little Rock artist, inventor, and prosthetic skin technology pioneer Mike Kaczkowski has unleashed his imagination and creativity on the publishing world with his newest novel “The Seers: New World Order.”

The president of The Center for Alloplastic Facial Reconstruction (or RealLifeSkin) is best-known in the medical world for developing alloplastic skin technology that very closely resembles real skin.

“The Seers” tells the story of police detective John Scarcepho and his investigation into the murders of dozens of New York City’s homeless population.

seersIt is a dark tale of good versus evil, unseen worlds, supernatural forces and clairvoyant characters.

The story also explores cosmic law, the state of the soul and how souls are affected by jealousy, greed, anger, hatred and arrogance.

In another visionary twist, Kaczkowski embeds quick response or QR codes within the pages, stylized links that allow readers to explore extra content related to the story.

Kaczkowski recently shared some of his background and evolution as a writer with MBJ.

Tell us about your professional background?

Although I have been writing for years, I am an artist, medical inventor, ocularist and alloplastic reconstruction specialist. My clinic creates and fits prosthetic eyes, faces and somato restorations.

How long have you been a writer?

I have been creating books since I was 5. My first books were pop-up books and I would get my family to spell the words I needed. Over the years, most of the books I wrote I also illustrated or created some sort of visual element to go with them. But I never formally published them, as I viewed them more as personal visual art pieces. The Seers, with its many illustrations and cyber-dimension links, continues this personal tradition.

For several years I also wrote screenplays and found this form of writing very personally satisfying. However, when I started to receive interest in my screenplays, I soon discovered that my schedule could not accommodate Hollywood or the film business in general. The Seers was originally a screenplay that made the bargaining table of a big Hollywood company. Ultimately I chose to transform it into its current form – what I call a Cyber-Physical Novel – which is kind of like a combination of a physical book and a movie. Creating The Seers wasn’t just writing a book, but creating an entire platform. The many original illustrations, audio recordings, computer animations, and growing original soundtrack all work together in an interactive website which is linked to the book through its QR codes.

qrcodeDo you plan to develop the Seers story-line with sequels or continuing the series?

I am continually growing the interactive content on TheSeers.com website as well as developing several future Seer books/media experiences. The Seers platform is so expansive, that many different types of books/media experiences will be released – some narratives, but others reference materials like The Seers’ Handbook section. In our studio we are also creating new music, images and other experiences that will link to future books. But as far as knowing when the next book will be realized, I’m not quite sure.

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