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Mayoral candidate's petition under scrutiny

MERIDIAN — An independent mayoral candidate in Meridian is fighting to keep his name on the June 4 general election ballot.

The Meridian Star reports the candidacy of Walter Patton has been challenged by three people who say that some of the people who signed Patton’s petition to run didn’t know what they were doing.

Patton and the others are scheduled to be heard Monday by the Meridian Election Commission.

The commission delayed certifying Patton’s candidacy this week. Commission members say although Patton had the required 50 signatures of registered voters, if some want their names removed he would be short.

Officials said another candidate who did not qualify will also be able to have his case heard, if he so chooses. Doug Nichols, another independent candidate for mayor, did not get the necessary 50 signatures on his petition. He had only 28.

The commission approved another independent candidate for mayor, Wally Hudnall.

Party primaries take place May 7 with runoffs on May 21 if needed. The general election occurs June 4.

Most cities will elect mayors and local governing boards. Some cities will elect police chiefs and city clerks.

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