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Pastrami and perseverance: Grocer shows American spirit

After days and days and days (etc.) of seemingly endless tragic news, there is an item out of California that should not only put a smile on your face, but also reaffirm your faith in Americans’ ability to persevere — and profit.

The story involves a burglary of a grocery store last month in Redding, Calif. The store’s security cameras captured a man breaking out the window of Kent’s Meats and Groceries. But, the attempt was botched, and provided a good laugh at the crook’s expense when he fell twice while fleeing.

In an example of true American entrepreneurial spirit, the store’s owner, Kent Pfrimmer, had a brilliant idea — incorporate the break-in footage in an advertisement for his store.

According to the newspaper Record Searchlight, the ad shows the perpetrator throwing something at the store’s glass. After the glass shatters, an image of a pastrami appears, followed by a voice that says: “So good, some people will do just about anything to get more.”

Is that not genius?

God bless America.

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