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REILY: Ban on political yard signs makes Diamondhead community a shining star

It’s election time again — that time when candidates from every political party and persuasion are littering neighborhoods with signs pimping themselves to who ever drives or walks past.

The proper word to be used here is litter. Political signs in yards are uglier than Jim Hood’s hair at 5 a.m. — you get the picture.

It makes my stomach turn to see the signs. It ruins my day. … If you can’t tell, political yard signs are not my favorite thing in the world.

So, I was excited to see a story in Biloxi’s Sun Herald stating that the town of Diamondhead on the Coast has a restriction on political yard signs.

Though the city allows political signs to be placed everywhere except city property, the story states, the Diamondhead Property Owners Association’s covenant prohibits the placement of political signs in yards.

Apparently, Republican mayoral candidate Carl Necaise is upset about the policy and is concerned about getting his name out.

My advice to Carl is to buy an ad and quit littering the landscape.

No one wants to see your sign, and if you don’t understand that, you shouldn’t be mayor.

We could only hope that every town in Mississippi and across America would make the same choice as Diamondhead by not allowing political yard signs to litter our neighborhoods.

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Ross Reily is editor of the Mississippi Business Journal. He is a husband to an amazing wife, dad to 3 crazy kids and 2 dogs. He is also a fan of the Delta State Fighting Okra and the Boston Red Sox.

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