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Residents to vote on liquor sales during general election

PHILADELPHIA — A citywide referendum on liquor sales will appear on the June 4 general election ballot in Philadelphia.

The Neshoba Democrat reports the board of aldermen set the date after being presented with a petition with 1,014 names certified in the city clerk’s office.

State law allows county seats and towns of more than 5,000 people to vote separately from their surrounding counties on legalizing wine and spirits if voters in a countywide election have rejected coming out from under the “dry” law.

New Albany voters approved liquor sales in a March 19 election. A liquor issue will be on the June 4 ballot in Brookhaven. Petition drives are under way in other cities.

If voters approve the sale of liquor, it would be up to the Philadelphia Board of Aldermen to adopt an ordinance setting the parameters for sales. The board could restrict the sale to restaurants and/or allow it to be sold in package stores. Businesses would obtain a license from the state Department of Revenue before it can be sold.

In June 2006, beer and light wine sales were approved in Philadelphia by aldermen. In June 2010, the board amended an ordinance to allow the sale of beer on Sundays from noon until 10 p.m. in restaurants, grocery stores and convenience stores inside the city.

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