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Another community college raising its tuition next year

SUMMIT — The Southwest Mississippi Community College board of trustees has voted to raise tuition for the 2013-14 academic year.

The move follows three other state community colleges’ recent decisions to raise tuition.

“We haven’t raised tuition in three years. We felt like we needed a slight increase to maintain the quality in instruction,” SMCC president Dr. Steve Bishop said. “We’re still very economical in comparison to other colleges.”

The Enterprise-Journal reports tuition increase is expected to bring in an additional $350,000 per year.

For full-time students, registration fees increase by $125 per semester from $975 to $1,100. Student services and technology fees are each raised $35 per semester to $50 per semester. Also, boarding in dormitory rooms will increase by $30 to $680 per semester. The current state average is $747 to $854 per semester.

Trustees voted to increase the Associate Degree Nursing fee by $75. The higher fee will allow students to use any available financial aid to pay for the course.

Other fee increases include the Mississippi Virtual Community College fee for online instruction. It rises from $10 to $30 per course.

Students opting for the seven-day meal plan will see a $30 per-semester rate increase.

Copiah-Lincoln, Northeast Mississippi and Itawamba community colleges all raised tuition this past week.

Northeast raised its tuition per semester from $1,050 to $1,125. At Itawamba, per-semester tuition fees were raised $100 to $1,050, while fees at Co-Lin increased $125 per semester to $1,100.


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  1. I do not like that It has went up in tuition . I’ve been paying like 600 for part time and 1050 for fulltime. I think it should have stayed that way. Considering I am not able to take all my classes in a classroom due to them not offering all of my classes for my associates in criminal justice. I like the option to take upto 20 hrs for 1050. Thank you. I am not happy i have to pay 115 per hr and an additional 150 for math fee even though its all on a computer anyhow, and im having to pay for the 3 hr class as well. NOPE NOT HAPPY.

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