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Authorities: Suspect in ricin-laced letters case appeared to try to run

TUPELO — Newly released documents say the man suspected of sending poison-laced letters to President Obama and others appeared to try to evade authorities just days before his arrest.

James Everett Dutschke of Tupelo was charged April 27 with making ricin, the substance mailed to Obama, U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker and Lee County judge Sadie Holland.

FBI applications for warrants were filed today in U.S. District Court in Oxford.

They say Dutschke hid under blankets in a friend’s truck on April 24 and “appeared to attempt to elude law enforcement.”

The friend and Dutschke allegedly drove “an evasive route” that took two hours to go 22 miles to a house in Mantachie.

Dutschke slipped away and was located the next day about 70 miles away in Ashland.

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  1. Daniel-Mississippi

    Why does no one mention that Dutschke was the Republican nominee for the Mississippi legislature, 16th district, in the last state general election? U. S. Senator Roger Wicker made derogatory statements about the first suspect in the ricin case but is mute about Dutschke. Is it because Dutshke is a tea party Republican?

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