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Bennett: Mississippi has a lottery; it just needs to be enacted

southern-gaming-summit-logoFrom the Southern Gaming Summit in Biloxi, here’s what state Rep. Richard Bennett, chairman of the House gaming committee says about the state’s stance on lotteries.

“A lot of people don’t realize that in 1992, there was a referendum for a lottery in Mississippi and it passed, and they amended the constitution. So it’s legal to have a lottery. We’re the only state with an amended constitution but without a lottery.

“What happened was the Baptists came out and said that if you broke down the vote, the referendum failed by two districts, and they wanted legislators to vote on the lottery like their constituents voted.

“It never came up in the Legislature. Ironically, that same year, the legislature came back and legalized casinos.

“We have a lottery; it’s just never been enacted.”

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  1. I remember how the casinos came to the side of the Baptists to fight a lottery because it would encroach on their new turf. I heard some crazy stories in the battle over gambling in this state. Politics makes strange bed fellows.

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