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Board releases research videos to help soybean growers

CANTON — The Mississippi Soybean Promotion Board (MSPB) is hoping its research videos will help the state’s growers overcome the challenges they face during the planting season.

After facing weather delays earlier this spring, soybean planting is finally well underway in Mississippi. This also means an application of herbicides to crops for many farmers. The increased number and complexity of herbicides may mean a need for increased care of equipment and possible changes in the type of equipment.

The MSPB has created videos about these projects and posts them to its website, www.mssoy.org.

“Especially at this time of year, I know personally that I don’t have a lot of time to sit down and read a lengthy research report, but I still want that information” says Bubba Simmons, farmer from Hollandale and a MSPB member. “Now, with the videos, I can take a couple of minutes out of my day and get the information I need for my farming operation.”

The videos allow farmers to hear directly from university researchers and extension staff as they speak about MSPB-funded projects and present useful information to Mississippi soybean farmers.

“MSPB invests in numerous production-research projects that we believe will improve the profitability of soybean production in the state,” says Simmons. “But just as investing in the research is important, it is important that soybean farmers know about the results of these projects and how they can benefit them. There’s no better way to hear about those projects than directly from the researchers working on them.”

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