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City of Ridgeland employees lose over 200 pounds

Pound for pound, the City of Ridgeland is proving its serious about health & wellness.

City employees recently lost a total of more than 200 pounds in a “Biggest Loser” contest held over 16 weeks from Jan. 9-May 1.

Each participant paid $10 to participate and for every pound gained, $1 was paid. To lose weight, individuals ate less, exercised more and held each other accountable. A total of 218.4 pounds were lost by 22 participants.

Contest winners earned a portion of the contest fees and the payout for gaining weight. The contest winner won $196; second place won $117.60 and third place won $78.40. The total pounds lost from the top 3 winners was 88.6 pounds. Fire Chief Matt Bailey was the first place winner, losing almost 50 pounds.

“I didn’t realize how much I had gained over the years. During the contest, I worked out almost every day and really watched what I ate. Now, I am down to my high school weight and it feels great,” said Bailey.

Second place winner was Mary Duncan, Administrative Assistant, Fire Department. Third place winner was Renee Buckner, Administrative Assistant, Public Works Department.

Buckner said about the contest, “Several of our participants joined local gyms in an effort to help them obtain their weight loss goals. Even though this was a competition, we encouraged each other to stay on track and continue to meet our individual weight loss goals.”

The City of Ridgeland started its Biggest Loser Contest in 2010 with 11 contestants. This year the City doubled the number of contestants.

Mayor Gene McGee said, “This contest among our employees is an example that other groups can follow. It is a great way to promote good health through healthy eating and exercise. I commend the employees who took part and look forward to the contest growing as more employees seek to become healthier.”

Several participants plan to continue the contest on their own to continue losing weight, getting fit and improving their overall health.


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