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City, state to hold second sale of tax-forfeited property

GREENVILLE — Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann and Greenville Mayor John Cox are hoping the second round of tax-forfeited land sales in Greenville will be just as successful as the first.

In a joint press conference, Hosemann and Cox announced the public sale of another 94 parcels of tax-forfeited land, valued at $210,000.

“I would like to commend the City of Greenville for their aggressive marketing of these tax-forfeited properties,” said Hosemann. “Tax-forfeited properties are a drain on the community, the State, and your local tax rolls.”

Cox said, “The best thing we can do is take the tax-forfeited properties and return them to productive use. There are an unlimited number of reasons why people might bid on a property: Neighbors can purchase a lot to expand their backyard, someone could purchase a lot and build a house on it, or even start a business with their new property. By auctioning the property for private ownership, the City of Greenville can spend more money fixing our streets and sewers instead of cutting grass. This is the second year we are holding an auction of tax-forfeited property and we will continue this program as we work to beautify Greenville.”

Currently, the Secretary of State’s Office holds over $66.2 million worth of property forfeited to the state for non-payment of ad valorem taxes. Over $4.3 million of tax forfeited property is located in Washington County.

In 2012, the City of Greenville and the Secretary of State’s Office held the first public auction of tax-forfeited lands in the area. Fifty-two properties sold for approximately $34,667.

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