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Keeping Our Eye On Nathan McNeill

Ten different houses.

That’s how many places Nathan McNeill says he grew up, including in Mississippi, Alabama, Indiana and Arkansas.

“I wanted to be a farmer, an architect, and a teacher in turns,” McNeill says reminiscing about childhood dream jobs. “Business wasn’t even on the list.”



Homeschooled through high school, McNeill attended Belhaven University in Jackson where he majored in philosophy and became fast friends with a study partner named Joel Bomgar.

When Bomgar launched his highly acclaimed remote tech support company in 2003, he tapped McNeill to be on his first sales staff. McNeill has since made a home for himself at the company as its chief of strategy.

“What this means in practice is that I make a lot of presentations and talk with a lot of customers and keep an eye on the competition,” he says.

The future of any technology company can be elusive. “If I knew that, I would be sipping double margaritas in Aruba from the deck of my yacht rather than working in my industry and occupation,” McNeill quips. “I think that technology will be causing problems for a long time to come and people will still want to fix those problems remotely.”

Bomgar technology is currently used by more than 7,500 companies worldwide including some of the largest tech support centers in the world. The company was recently recognized as a leading privately-held job creator within Mississippi in the inaugural ranking of Inc. magazine’s “Hire Power” Awards.

“Pick work that doesn’t feel like work, even if it doesn’t pay as well initially,” McNeill advises young professionals. “You’ll work harder at it and learn faster. Also, don’t worry about what you don’t know. A lot of things end up working because some poor fool tried it rather than because it was sure to be successful.”

McNeill enjoys running, being outdoors and spending time with his wife Rebecca and five children.



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