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Keeping Our Eye On: Ryanne Saucier

Ryanne Saucier

Ryanne Saucier

Name: Ryanne Saucier

Age: 33

Position: Deputy Executive Director, Contracts and Support Services

Company: Mississippi Public Broadcasting

Ryanne Saucier’s first days in the Hospitality State were pretty hospitable.

After moving to Mississippi from Alabama eight years ago without knowing anyone, Saucier says she quickly got plenty of recommendations for the best plumber, roofer and painter from people she would meet.

“I quickly learned all I had to do was ask and someone was willing to offer a suggestion or put me in touch with the right people,” she says.

Saucier studied literature and marketing at Birmingham-Southern College before earning a J.D. from the Mississippi College School of Law. Her knowledge and interest in intellectual property and copyrights has helped in her position at Mississippi Public Broadcasting.

Most of Saucier’s work includes drafting talent contracts, licensing rights and working with producers on show ideas. She also helps clear music rights for episodes and comes up with names for upcoming radio and television shows.

“I usually get to work pretty early,” she says. “If the producers are working on a project, it is not unusual for me to have calls after-hours or on the weekends. I always try to be available to help. I guess you can say that media is in my blood.”

“I don’t believe that a book, song or movie can change the world, but I do believe that each has the ability to change the way a person sees the world,” Saucier says. “That can make all the difference.”

Saucier advises young professionals to work really hard and double check everything in their early careers. “None of us are special me included and brains can only get you so far,” she says. “Make friends. Friends, more than acquaintances, can get you over most any professional hurdle.”

In her spare time, Saucier enjoys cooking, reading and Pilates and doing volunteer work along with her husband for Community Animal Rescue & Adoptions and the Madison Ark.

Childhood dream job: Movie director

First job ever: Radio station staffer

Best thing about Mississippi: “If you want to attend a music event, you can probably find one almost every weekend of the year.”

Favorite Mississippi food: Walker’s Drive-In in Fondren

Favorite TV Show: “Smash”

Favorite movie: “E.T.”

Favorite music: Elton John

Heroes or mentors: Walt Disney and Steven Spielberg because both dreamed big and created material that truly entertains.

Favorite hangout spots: Babalu, Char or Pelican Cove




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  1. BRAVO! Ryanne! You’re a wonderful addition to Mississippi’s young professionals.

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