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Olive Branch's Sam Thomasson turns frustration into new business for the hearing impaired

When Kate Thomasson was just a toddler she had lost most of her hearing. After trying numerous hearing aids that failed to fully remedy her problem, Kate’s frustrated father decided to take matters into his own hands.

An accomplished electrical engineer and entrepreneur, Sam Thomasson vowed to use his expertise to create a revolutionary new hearing aid that would solve the common issues of traditional hearing aids. Sam spent the next 25 years of his life dedicated to developing high-performance hearing aids and related software. Fifty eight exclusive patents later, Sam developed a breakthrough hearing aid that reduces 90 percent of unwanted background noise, eliminates the painful squeals and whistles that traditional hearing aids cause, and covers the full frequency spectrum which is crucial for understanding speech. On top of all of that, the hearing aids are virtually invisible and most models do not require batteries.

All of that has turned into Zounds Hearing of North Mississippi in Olive Branch.

Many times, hearing health is often low on the list of priorities for our overall health. Yet when left untreated, hearing loss has numerous and far-reaching consequences on our overall well-being. A 2012 John Hopkins Study observed that individuals that allow their hearing problems to go untreated are at a higher risk of developing depression, anxiety and forms of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. Other side effects include social withdrawal, and in some cases, auditory deprivation wherein your brain actually begins to unlearn crucial sounds.

Realizing that there was a hearing loss epidemic that doesn’t discriminate, Sam wanted to help the 34 million Americans who suffer from hearing loss just as he had his own daughter. To do so, he founded Zounds Hearing. Today, Zounds Hearing has satellite and franchise stores all across the country, the most recent of which is in Olive Branch. Owner Joe Pickler said he decided to open the Olive Branch store after hearing Sam’s story and recognizing the need for innovative and affordable hearing healthcare within the North Mississippi community.

Zounds Hearing will open its doors on June 10 of this year. The store will offer free hearing tests year round which will be administered by the store’s Hearing Instrument Specialist, Brian Harvey. With over years of experience, Harvey is one of the top specialists in the field. To make an appointment, call (662) 874-6279.

For more information visit www.zoundshearing.com.

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