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Police want tighter controls on vehicle-for-hire companies

VICKSBURG — The Public Transportation Board is reviewing a proposal from the Vicksburg police department for penalizing companies offering vehicles for hire for violations of the local cab ordinance.

The Vicksburg Post reports the transportation board got a first look at the proposal this week and will review it again June 11.

“This came about because the (police department’s) traffic division was having problems enforcing the ordinance,” board member Rita Wyatt said. “They wanted something with more teeth in it.”

Police Chief Walter Armstrong said the proposal would provide that hired vehicles stopped by police for infractions would receive points based on the type of violation. After a certain number is received, the police department would recommend a penalty to the board that could go from a reprimand to permit revocation.

Armstrong presented a list of 20 potential infractions ranging from failing to keep the vehicles clean to speeding and operating the vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The penalty would apply only to the hire company, not the driver, Armstrong said. Drivers violating the city’s traffic laws or the portions of the ordinance that apply to them would be punished separately, he said.

“We want to make sure that the people who ride in those cabs will be in a safe, clean vehicle,” he said.

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