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Two more jucos announce fall tuition increase

BOONEVILLE and FULTON — Northeast Mississippi Community College and Itawamba Community College are raising their tuition fees for the fall semester.

They join Copiah-Lincoln Community College, which earlier this week announced a tuition increase.

Northeast President Johnny L. Allen said in a statement that the increase was the first since 2010. Allen said while the move was necessary as it was the last time, he didn’t take his recommendation lightly.

“It’s never a positive thing when colleges have to pass more of the cost of attendance on to the students and their families,” Allen explained. “For the past few years the Legislature has asked our system to continue to provide a quality educational experience to the majority of the college students in the state of Mississippi without increasing its support for those students and their educational endeavors.”

Northeast’s tuition per semester for a fulltime (12 hours minimum) Mississippi resident student went from $945 to $1,050 in the fall of 2010. This year’s increase goes to $1,125.

Allen said costs to operate the college such as food, fuel and employee fringe benefits have steadily increased over time.

“It’s disappointing, but it’s where we are,” Allen said. “This is a step we never like to take, but we feel as though at this time, we have no choice.”

Out-of-state tuition went from $2,100 to $2,250 per full-time semester. Out-of-country tuition rose from $2,200 to $2,400. The per-semester hour cost for part-time was bumped to $125 per semester hour for in-state students and $250 per semester hour for out-of-staters.

The cost of meal plans also increased.

At Itawamba, the per-semester tuition fees for fulltime students will go up $100 to $1,050. Out-of-state and out-of-country students will pay an additional $325 per semester to $2,150 and $2,250 respectively.

The per-hour fee for part-time students will be $110 for part-time day; evening academic, technical and vocational; summer evening vocational; summer academic; summer technical or vocational and summer technical or vocational internships.

Students who are enrolled in the eLearning classes will be assessed a $10 per credit hour fee. Institutional scholarships will be adjusted in proportion to the increase in fees.

At Co-Lin, President Ronnie Nettles said fulltime tuition will increase $125 per semester to $1,100.

Nettles said out-of-state fees are increasing from $900 to $1,000 per semester. He says few students will be affected by that change.

Next year’s budget also brings an increase for part-time students that Nettles describes as negligible.

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