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Wanna noodle? Season starts today

ACROSS MISSISSIPPI — It’s called grabbling, hand-grabbing or noodling.

Whatever it’s called, catching catfish by hand begins today in Mississippi. The season ends July 15.

State wildlife officials say hand-grabbers can catch channel, blue and flathead catfish.

John Skains is a biologist with the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks.

Skains says a valid sport fishing license is required for hand-grabbing. He says fish can only be taken using hands or by using a rope or stringer. No hooks or gaffs are allowed.

Skains says hand-grabbers wade around looking for cavities where catfish nest — usually natural, such as hollow logs and holes in a stream or lake bank, or artificial wood structures.

He says when they reach into a log the catfish attacks and they grab it and just hang on.

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  1. I’m game. Only if Mr. Reily goes with me! 😉

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