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AT&T brings 4G LTE network in to more of Central Miss.

CENTRAL MISSISSIPPI — AT&T has expanded its 4G LTE network in Central Mississippi.

AT&T 4G LTE coverage now includes parts of Philadelphia, Carthage, Kosciusko, Lena, Camden, Choctaw and Edinburg.

“As we focus on bringing more businesses to our community, it is crucial that we have advanced technologies in place to accommodate the needs of companies both large and small,” said David Vowell, executive director, Community Development Partnership.


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  1. James M. Jackson

    Well maybe someone from ATT should be in charge of the CDP.because the CDP and no one else has brought a decent paying job to Kosciusko since when.The town has only two grocery stores and a Walmart.Look like all you people want here or only can get here are dollar store’s and fast food places.But I guess 4G LTE can help them with thier ordering since most people that work in these establishments do not get 40 hrs a week so don’t you people pat yourselves on the back.

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