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Board extends contract of consultant to board president's daughter

MCCOMB — The South Pike School Board has extended a contract with a consultant to provide a year of training to the district’s new business manager, who is the school board president’s daughter.

The consultant, Bonnie Granger is a certified public accountant. She was hired after the board voted in December 2012 to hire board president Sam Hall’s daughter, DeLorean Hall, as business manager.

Granger’s original contract was for six months in which the district paid her $115 an hour, not to exceed 45 hours a month, to train Hall. That adds up to a potential annual salary of $62,100.

The Enterprise-Journal reported the board has extended the contract through June 2014.

Sam Hall didn’t abstain from voting on the matter, saying Granger’s job would include duties beyond training his daughter.

“My understanding is that if we do this for a year, the superintendent would call when he needs her,” Hall said. “She will be doing similar services that she is doing now, training and going through the books.”

Superintendent Estes Taplin said Granger was doing far more than just training.

“Not only is she training, but she is also scrutinizing everything we have done over the last year or so,” he said.


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  1. Now that’s nepotism with a twist. Hire the board president’s daughter, then pay a consultant to train her for the job.

    Nepotism and favoritism MUST be discontinued in our government bodies no matter what the office may be.

    The board should have hired someone other than the president’s daughter or if she needed the job that bad and was the only qualified (she needs training) person, then the president should have resigned from the board…prior to her hiring.

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