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Burkhalter moves last massive bridge arch in Fort Worth

COLUMBUS — Burkhalter placed the 12th and final concrete arch for Fort Worth, Texas’ new West 7th Street Bridge this week.

Over the last month, Burkhalter crews transported the 300-ton precast arches from a nearby construction yard to the bridge site, where they lifted the arches and set them into place, with six arches along each side of the bridge.

The bridge, connecting downtown Fort Worth and the city’s cultural district, is the world’s first precast network arch bridge, according to Columbus-based Burkhalter.  Last summer, Sundt Construction began casting the 163-foot-long, 300-ton arches approximately one mile away from the bridge site.  After each arch was cast, Burkhalter utilized a hybrid tower gantry system to lift, rotate 90 degrees to vertical and slide each arch into storage on the construction yard.

Beginning in May and working around road closures and additional construction processes, Burkhalter began the transportation, rigging and setting of the 12 arches.  Each arch was transported from the construction yard to the bridge site via SPMTs, where they were then lifted, positioned and set onto concrete columns using two LR1400 cranes, each with superlift attachments.

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