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City to spend $774M on damaged schools; Collins lands contract

GREENVILLE — The Greenville school system will spend $774,000 for repairs at two storm-damaged local schools.

The Delta Democrat Times reports that the school board awarded the contract this week to Roy Collins Construction Co. of Cleveland.

Straight-line winds tore through the Greenville area last October.

At T.L. Weston Ninth Grade Academy, the roof, several classrooms and the bus barn near the campus were destroyed by winds and rain. A temporary roof was installed, and the damaged classrooms were sealed off.

Greenville-Weston High School’s cafeteria used to seat 350. It now can accommodate just 250 because of the storm damage.

The storm forced officials to cancel classes for four days. Ninth-grade students resumed classes at Greenville-Weston for nearly a month while officials worked to reopen the T.L. Weston campus.

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