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Age: 30

Position: Marketing & Public Relations Manager

Company: The Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center

Hans Palacios says he always wanted to be an artist and, indeed, coworkers often refer to him as “The Renaissance Man.”

“My professional passion encompasses the world of design, from traditional art to computer-generated designs,” he says. “I really enjoy finding opportunities to use emerging technologies for design applications.”

After studying computer art and design in community college, Palacios started applying art to architecture with degrees from the Massachusetts and Illinois Institutes of Technology followed by an internship with Eley Guild Hardy Architects. He also earned a graduate certificate in historic preservation from Savannah College of Art & Design and is currently working toward an MBA from Mississippi State University.

Palacios helps promote the O’Keefe Center’s various classes and events including art, pottery, drawing, printmaking and culinary arts classes. He also freelances as an architect and designer and teaches digital design and media art courses at Tulane University.

Researching the algorithms, geometries and math behind design also interests Palacios and he hopes to turn it into his own business venture in the future.

“From an architect’s perspective, there will always be new buildings to design, although there is more attention now to sustainable design, historic preservation and adaptive reuse,” Palacios says. “Society and the building industry are much more conscientious about building construction costs, resource consumption, and a building’s impact on the environment and these are all great opportunities to utilize emerging design principles and technology.”

Palacios enjoys Muay Thai martial arts, skydiving and is an active volunteer with Coast Young Professionals, the U.S. Green Building Council and works as an MIT educational counselor for local high school students.

“Always be curious and take on challenges,” he advises young professionals. “Do not be afraid of failing because even in failure you learn to succeed.”

Personal hero: “My younger brother who has a classified role in the U.S. Army. It is his unwavering faith in God and commitment to his duty that motivates me to live life to the fullest.”

Best Mississippi event: Peter Anderson Festival in Ocean Springs

Favorite Mississippi food: Mosaic Tapas Bar in Ocean Springs

Favorite TV show: “Top Gear”

Favorite movie: “Gattaca”

Favorite music: Electronic dance music

Favorite hangout spots: Gold Coast Skydivers in Lumberton

Twitter handle: @morphingdesign

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