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Supervisors taking proposals for hospital-sale study

NATCHEZ — Adams County is seeking proposals from groups to complete a feasibility study to determine if the publicly-owned Natchez Regional Medical Center should be sold, leased or if nothing should change.

The board of supervisors reached the decision this week after meeting with the hospital board.

“We are not going to be able to stand alone, we are going to need partners to survive,” hospital board chairman Leroy White told the Natchez Democrat.

“If we wait any longer, we will be in trouble. We all want unite for the best health care for Adams County and make sure we have some survivability for a long period of time rather than a short period of time,” White said.

Board of Supervisors President Darryl Grennell said the county will seek proposals from a health care law firm or a certified public accounting firm for the feasibility study. He said once that study is completed the supervisors will determine if they should take the next step and advertise for proposals for the sale or lease of the hospital.

It’s also possible the supervisors could reject the feasibility study and request another one, Grennell said.

If the supervisors decide to solicit proposals for the sale of the hospital, it will hold public hearings.

White said the hospital would start seeking a group to complete the feasibility study right away.

The hospital had a similar study completed in 2008 and had solicited several bids. Officials said potential buyers backed out because of the volatile economic conditions at the time.

NRMC has approximately 300 full-time and approximately 100 part-time employees.

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