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After successful vote, Aldridge wants additional liquor tax

IUKA — An Iuka man, who successfully petitioned to get an election on the sale of beer and alcoholic beverages in Tishomingo County, now wants an additional tax on liquor with the proceeds going to youth programs.

Charles “Tubby” Aldridge tells the Daily Corinthian he is proposing a 2 percent tax be added to alcohol sales to go toward projects for youth — playgrounds, skate parks or whatever local officials want. He said the tax would be in addition to the sales tax of 7 percent.

The tax would require approval from the Mississippi Legislature.

Aldridge wants to gather several thousand signatures of residents in support of the idea to present to officials. There is no required number since it is not a petition for an election.

“This is really what I was after all the time, but first of all I had to get the alcohol here before I could go for this,” said Aldridge. “It’s time we do something for these kids. It’s always about grown-ups.”

Beer sales recently began but a liquor store is yet to open in the county. Residents approved liquor sales by a 42-vote margin and beer sales by a 73-vote margin on May 21.

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  1. That’s just like people. trying to make one group of people pay for every body else’s needs. TAXES should always be split fairly between everybody in a community.

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