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Board petitioning supervisors for emergency radio funding

HERNANDO — The DeSoto Board of Supervisors will hear a request this week from the 911 board for a rate increase to help fund a new radio system.

The Commercial Appeal reports the DeSoto 911 Emergency Communications District is asking board approval to increase fees to the state tariff rate approved in 1993. The monthly fee would rise 20 cents, from 80 cents to $1, on residential wired lines, and 40 cents, from $1.60 to $2, on commercial wired lines.

Debby Dunnaway, 911 director, says her office is in negotiations with Motorola to replace the old system and has received initial quotes ranging from $8 million to $12 million, with a yearly maintenance cost estimated at $800,000.

The county supervisors will consider the request today.

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