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Hood to file appeal to push open-carry gun law

JACKSON — Attorney General Jim Hood says he’ll file an appeal early next week to try to push an open-carry gun measure into law.

A Hinds County circuit judge has put the law on hold, calling it “unconstitutionally vague.” Hood will ask the state Supreme Court to overturn that ruling.

Hood says many law enforcement officers around the state are confused about whether they can arrest someone who’s openly carrying a firearm.

Hood says a Hinds County judge has the power to block a state law from taking effect, because the seat of state government is in Hinds County.

But Hood’s also telling sheriffs and police officers in the other 81 counties they might be wasting their time by arresting people for simply carrying a gun that’s not concealed.

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  1. Open carry is already the law. Our constitution and HB2 makes it very clear on what constitutes “open carry”.

    Law enforcement officers and judges have abused the “concealed” weapons concept over the years to the point that many people have been charged with and convicted of carrying a concealed weapon. Some officers have been trained so that if any part of a weapon is not visible, the weapon is concealed. Even if suspended by a string from the rear view mirror, the part under the string is concealed. This nonsense on the part of LEOs and judges have lead to confiscation of firearms and conviction of otherwise innocent citizens. Law enforcement and judges are most responsible for the need to “clarify” the law and the citizens of the State demanded this law because of judicial and law enforcement actions.

    The law allowing citizens to carry a weapon in their cars has not adversely impacted law enforcement or the judiciary. Why should the law enforcement community and the judicial system have such a difficult time dealing with “open carry”?

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