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Rebound in red snapper numbers could mean second season

GULF OF MEXICO — Scientists say one of the most popular fish in the Gulf of Mexico has rebounded enough to allow a second season for red snapper this year.

The Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council meets in New Orleans tomorrow to consider increased fishing quotas and a supplemental 2013 season for red snapper, one of the region’s most popular game and eating fish.

Options include leaving the quota and the federal season, which ended June 28 untouched. But nobody expects that. After all, the council will meet next month in San Antonio, Texas. Tomorrow’s meeting was scheduled to leave time for steps necessary before a season set this week could begin in September or October.

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  1. Dr. Bob Daniels

    Great news! But how is this possible after the BP oil spill? Apparently, the gulf fishery was not “devastated” as many at the time assumed would happen. I seem to recall a surge in the salmon catch in Prince William Sound a few years after the Exxon Valdez accident in Alaska. Is there some benefit of oil spills somehow? Can anyone explain?

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